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Services We Offer

We are a fully-accredited and equipped medical practice with exceptional facilities. We are building great relationships with all our patients and we strive to provide first-class treatments, including

Family medical treatment

Looking after infant and children’s health, women’s health, men’s health and vaccinations.

Procedures, including but not limited to removal of moles and skin lesions, will attract a gap payment.

Hearing Tests

We are conducting free hearing tests at Alkimos once a month starting from this coming Thursday. It is totally free of charge for patients aged 26 and above

Travel medicines

If you are travelling overseas it’s a good idea to talk to us before you go. You may need to take some precautions before you travel to certain destinations. Speak to one of our friendly team on (08) 6365 3211.

Minor surgery

The removal of moles and skin cancers, suturing of lacerations, draining abscesses and toenail surgery.

Management of chronic/long term medical conditions

Asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, chronic airways disease, depression/anxiety and osteoporosis

Medical tests

Pre-employment medicals and medicals for driving.

Counselling and advice

Mental health counselling, family planning advice, ECG / heart monitoring and blood pressure monitoring.

Skin Clinic

Australia, known even in its own national anthem as 'a sunburnt country', has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. The truth is that there is no immunity from skin cancer, and prevention is imperative. The iconic 'slip, slop, slap' campaign reminds us all of the precautions to take before heading out into the scorching WA sun, though regular check-ups should be considered just as essential a precautionary measure.

In cases of treatment, early diagnosis is always best, so Australians are urged to get regular skin cancer check-ups, particularly if moles or freckles have grown in size or changed appearance, become painful or itchy, or in cases when new moles or freckles have developed.

The doctors at Shenton Avenue Medical Centre use the latest and most accurate methods of detection, such as dermoscopy, to detect skin melanomas even at their smallest, preliminary stages. This helps to achieve early diagnosis, which can lead to an immediate treatment.

In some cases, our doctors will need to perform a biopsy, which will require surgically removing a piece of tissue to test. Our doctors perform these biopsies on-site, always ensuring to minimise pain and intrusion with any minor surgical procedure. Samples are examined at our on-site pathology laboratory, ensuring fast and accurate results.


The food and drink you consume directly affects your health, so the importance of a nutritious diet set out by a medical dietician can't be stressed enough. Your diet can be optimised for sporting performance, to treat a condition, or to compensate for changes that occur with age or life phases such as pregnancy and puberty.

The doctors at Alkimos Beach Medical Centre are fully-accredited dieticians and will be able to outline the best nutrition plan to suit your individual needs.

By regulating your food intake, you will be ensuring your body is supplied with the essential nutrients, vitamins and compounds it needs. This will aid rehabilitation and recovery, as well as improve your body's overall function and performance. Many aspects of physical and mental health are directly linked to diet, so an improvement in that area can have a cascading effect onto other areas of your health and well-being.

If you have a medical condition such as obesity or malnourishment, or are suffering from an eating disorder, please contact us. The doctors at Alkimos Beach Medical Centre can provide an excellent source of advice on medical nutrition and will take every step to help you reach the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.


Ian Clayton-Smith is a psychologist and psychotherapist. He runs a private practice for select clients, within the Northern Suburbs of Perth, WA.

Ian's services have been incorporated into the service offerings at Shenton Avenue Medical.

Ian works from the ‘scientist-practitioner’ model and incorporates a variety of theories that are evidence-based and are backed by research to show they are valid treatment approaches. This allows him the freedom to understand a client within the context of their current life situation.

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From performing minor surgeries and giving vaccinations to being a trusted counsellor; the role of a GP is vast, yet focused when treating the body holistically. Every aspect of your health is important, and your doctor will listen to you, get to know you and help you achieve maximum health and well-being.

We bulk bill on all Medicare-related services and instant electronic rebates are available where applicable. If you are suffering from a health condition, or wish to establish a relationship with a new GP, please contact us today.